Amazon FBA Week 3


Amazon FBA week 3

To give you an update, I am brand new to Amazon FBA. My first shipment to Amazon for fulfillment was around 50 books that were gathering dust in my house. I sent the shipment to a Texas warehouse. And I found out, is once they arrive there, they are then sent to other warehouse, and for the books to become LIVE it takes a good 7 days.

I also went to Walmart and found some clearance items after watching YouTube videos on AMAZON ARBITRAGE, which is buying products from stores and Goodwill and reselling for a higher price on Amazon.

I did not find too many products there were interesting at Walmart. I asked a couple of employees were the clearance section was, and was directed to a tiny area of markdown items. Nothing great. I did pick up a toy that will turn your voice into a monster voice, however when I tried to add it to my Amazon inventory and shipment, I received a warning and was sent to a page that had many documents to read and fill out about shipping a product with a battery. What the heck!?  I changed that item to MERCHANT FULFILLED.

After watching more Youtube videos, I decided to try ordering a product from China at wholesale. I looked through Alibaba and DHGate and picked TOILET BOWL NIGHTLIGHTS at around 2 bucks a pop. I ordered 20.   I am using one now on the master bath potty and it’s pretty cool. My hubby doesn’t have to turn on the light in the middle of the night, and it works off motion sensor. The bowl then lights up in a rotation of 8 different colors. I am selling them at $8.95 plus shipment. I checked the competition and that is low so far, however after labeling and shipping to Amazon in Texas, it is taking a heck of a long time to become LIVE on Amazon.

Name Shipment ID Created on Last updated MSKUs Shipped Received Destination* Status
FBA (5/8/17 5:30 PM) – 1

FBA4Q4M7J9 May 8, 2017 May 16, 2017 1 19 19 FTW1 CLOSED

I just checked (the above is the toilet bowl nightlight shipment), and they are still marked as RESERVED and not live. Again, it takes longer than I thought to go LIVE.

AmazonFBA is definitely not a get rich overnight plan. It takes money to make money and you must have patience. Right now, I have spent more than I have made and Amazon is still going to charge me the monthly fee of $39.95 even if I don’t sell a thing. You have to look at it as the cost of doing business.

Stay tuned for the next post. Today I an going to prepare another shipment to go out.

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